The Mandalorian season 2: the Disney + series succeeds Game of Thrones in a surprising record


Season 2 of The Mandalorian broke the Game of Thrones series by setting an amazing record!

It is a consecration for the series Disney ! A few days after the showrunner of The Mandalorian has teased the first info of future episodes of season 3 , the latter has just had the confirmation that his work was worth it. And for good reason, as at the end of each year, the site Torrentfreak established the ranking of the most pirated series. And for 2020, it is a surprise ! While the show Game of Thrones dominated the top of the podium forever, first place comes to be rounded up by the spin-off Star Wars The Mandalorian . Indeed, as revealed by Torrentfreak : “ The Mandalorian is the most pirated TV show exit in 2020 The popular Disney series has beaten Game of Thrones which topped the charts for years “.

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian series – Credit (s): Disney See the article : Can you recognize these Disney films with just one line?

A success all the more gratifying than last year , the series had “only” won the tro isth place. We must believe that the year 2020 will not have been bad for everyone! In second place, we then find, shoulder to shoulder, the flagship show of Amazon Prime The Boys , closely followed by Westworld from HBO which climbed to third place.

Three series available only from France on streaming platforms, Westworld being accessible via OCS. A common point which probably explains why they are among the most pirated shows, some serivores not being able to afford a subscription. Finally, the site Torrentfreak also highlighted the unexpected arrival of Star Trek: Picard and Outsider in the ranking. While waiting for the podium of 2020, come and test your knowledge of season 2 of

The Mandalorian with this quiz .

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