The Mandalorian season 2: this character is not as mean and Machiavellian as fans think


This character in The Mandalorian season 2 could be more altruistic than you think!

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A few days ago, fans of The Mandalorian have learned that Moff Gideon will be more present in season 3 . Good news for the latter who greatly appreciate the famous Darksaber holder played by Giancarlo Esposito. Indeed, even if the latter is presented as the main antagonist of the series, his aura and his mysterious backstory push the aficionados of the show Disney wanting to know more about him. It must be said that this henchman of the Empire who seems determined to get the Child back has not finished revealing all his secrets to us . His increased presence in the new series of episodes will undoubtedly be an opportunity to know his real motivations and to see if it has a link with the trilogy of sequels.

Moff Gideon and the Darksaber in The Mandalorian – Credit (s): Disney

Unless season 3 comes to show us a character more complex than there is appears. Indeed, it could turn out that we were all wrong about Moff Gideon. In any case, this is what Giancarlo Esposito claimed during an interview with EW : “When people get out of hand and there are all these different things, he might [Moff Gideon] want to save the galaxy” did he declare. Before adding: “Also, why does he know all about what's going on everywhere? He has a sort of incredible source of information. So I always argue that there may be some altruistic reason why he takes control or tries to do so. Certainly, the Child represents the possibility of a new humanity, of a new consciousness “


Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian – Credit (s): Disney

Before concluding by emphasizing that whatever the situation: “people justify our reasons for doing what we do “ . For the actor, every character in the series has a dark and light side. It is far too early to know if Moff Gideon's reasons are driven by selfish goals for the benefit of the Empire, or if, on the contrary, the latter is doing this to help humanity. Indeed, let's not forget that even hell is paved with good intentions! The best ideas can sometimes lead to the worst results, and maybe it is this cruel reality that will be exposed in season 3. Until we know more, discover our review of episode 5 of The Mandalorian season 2 where Din Djarin does team with the famous Ahsoka Tano .

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