The Mandalorian season 2: This key scene with Grogu related to Star Wars The Ascension of Skywalker?


According to a new theory, a scene from The Mandalorian season 2 would coincide with The Rise of Skywalker!

Yes one theory is that Baby Yoda was present in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi , new speculations relayed by CBR would like that Din Djarin's companion in the series The Mandalorian played a role in The Rise of Skywalker. According to this theory fomented on Tik Tok, Grogu would actually be linked to the events of the last trilogy through the scene on Tython where he used the Force and attempted to make contact with another Jedi capable of feel his presence . According to one user, this key sequence of season 2 would correspond to the flashback seen in the film of JJ Abrams then showing Leia's training after which she took a short break. For some, this brief moment would correspond to the moment during which Grogu was on Tython, Luke's sister and padawan having at that moment felt the call and the presence of the creature.

Leia in the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker flashback. On the same subject : The Simpsons: The Surprising Story Behind Maggie's Rivalry And Baby Unibrow Revealed. – Credit (s): Disney

However, if it may seem interesting, it is clear that this theory does not coincide with the timeline of

the saga Star Wars since we know where Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa were during the events of the series . In this context, the flashback scene would have taken place four years before the meeting between Mando and Baby Yoda. In addition, according to the guns, Leia stopped her training before her son was born, one year after the Battle of Endor. In The Rise of Skywalker , Luke also referred to this and recounted Leia's vision, that his training as a Jedi would lead to Ben's death. The pause mentioned above could then refer more to the young woman's foreboding. That being said, he It's not impossible that Luke felt the Grogu presence several years later. At the time of the events of the Disney series, the Jedi Master is still exploring the galaxy alongside Lor San Tekka. It would not be surprising then that Luke Skywalker passed through the planet Tython to get to the Jedi Temple, with many fans waiting for the famous Knight to arrive in The Mandalorian .

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