The Mask: The Stanley Ipkiss from the comics is much darker than the one from the movie


If The Mask movie starring Jim Carrey is considered a wacky comedy, Stanley Ipkiss' character is inspired by comics and he's anything but nice in the original story!

Almost 30 years after the release of The Mask , fans are still waiting for a sequel with Jim Carrey . If the project does not seem relevant at the moment, you can still find the comics of The Mask , from which the character of Stanley Ipkiss is inspired. The only huge and big difference: The film's little underling, abused, and unlucky employee doesn't have the same personality at all in the original comics. Once Stanley Ipkiss donned the green mask for the first time, all of his resentments resurfaced, making him a bloodthirsty murderer. The character then begins to kill bikers who had annoyed him when he wanted to buy the mask, but his murderous madness does not stop there: he killed a former teacher for behaving badly with him when he was younger then one of his friends who owed him 30 $ .

The Mask dans les comics

The Mask in the comics – Credit (s): comics

It is obviously difficult to imagine the Warner Bros. tell this story as its goal was to present a family comedy around Stanley Ipkiss. It is only important to know that the character is initially portrayed as a madman and a murderer, who becomes brutal and naughty with anyone who gets in his way – including his girlfriend. At the beginning, The Mask had to be adapted on the big or small screen like a horror series

, and now that we know how the main protagonist was invented, we understand why! Maybe the studios keep this idea in their heads, but

a spin-off on Stanley Ipkiss' daughter would seem more plausible.

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