The New Adventures of Sabrina Part 4: An explosive and enjoyable finale that surpasses previous seasons, our verdict


Is the latest season of The New Adventures of Sabrina worth checking out on Netflix? We get back to you!

End clap! On 31 December will mark the end of a year unlike any other but also the end of an era for fans of the 'apprentice witch. Indeed, it is today that Netflix unveils part 4 of New Adventures of Sabrina carried by the remarkable Kiernan Shipka . The ultimate salvo of episodes that comes to end and conclude the infernal and magical adventures of the very popular fantasy teen-show. One last lap for The New Adventures of Sabrina that the fans were hoping for insane thanks to the unexpected crossover with the original Hilda and Zelda . And for good reason, since the announcement of its terrible cancellation, the serivores have only one question in mind: the showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa he won his bet and paid a last convincing tribute to the universe bewitching Greendale? Here is our verdict.

Kiernan Shipka dans Les Nouvelles Aventures de Sabrina

Kiernan Shipka in The New Adventures of Sabrina – Credit (s): Netflix See the article : The Mandalorian season 2: This scene from Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker reveals Ahsoka Tano's sad ending.

We're not going to make the suspense last any longer: yes, part 4 of New Adventures of Sabrina is frankly a success! This new and final burst of episodes offers a sparkling and refreshing look at our adorable heroine who finds herself, for the first time, with the funny feeling of not feeling out of place. And for good reason, even if Sabrina made the decision to send her twin to reign in her place in the Underworld, the latter comes to bitterly regret her decision. Now single, the unstoppable witch tastes loneliness and feels abandoned by everyone. Which pushes her to show an amazing new facet of her personality . Indeed, evil is never far away and Father Blackwood has planned a new plan to take revenge on the Spellmans. An imminent danger which pushes the heroine to its limits. In the grip of doubts and questioning, this introspection creates holes in his magical armor adding an emotional dimension that was lacking in previous seasons. By showing herself to be vulnerable, Sabrina draws even closer to her fragile humanity and the existential questions that arise from it.

Sabrina Morningstar in The New Adventures of Sabrina – Credit (s): Netflix

Namely: find true love or be self-sufficient -even ? Seeking the approval of others constantly or driving the boat with confidence? Let yourself be invaded by envy and jealousy or rejoice in the happiness of others? Important values ​​such as feminism, tolerance and mutual aid are also addressed through all the action scenes that punctuate each of the eight episodes in turn presenting the eight Abominations. This is what makes the strength of this new season of Adventures of Sabrina : to have succeeded to also judiciously mix topical themes with the magic and the abundant imagination of the world of witches . We go easily from laughter to tears, surprising ourselves to appreciate the kitsch side of the sets and certain monsters. Because it is perhaps this little baroque side that gives this series a special flavor, like a long and delicious reverie as entertaining as it is jubilant. In the end, we regret just one thing: that it's already over! Also discover our review of the show La Chronique des Bridgerton to discover on Netflix .

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