The new adventures of Sabrina part 4: These questions that we still ask ourselves after the final season


In addition to being controversial, the ending of The New Adventures of Sabrina left several questions unanswered!

Warning, SPOILERS! If you have not yet finished watching Sabrina's Ultimate Magical Adventures, we do not recommend that you continue reading. On the other hand, if you are one of the fans who could not help but let go of a few tears after the disappearance of the heroine played by Kiernan Shipka , this article is made for you. And for good reason, in addition to seeing part 4 of the Nouvelles Aventures de Sabrina end on a shocking and unexpected last scene , the final season leaves many questions unanswered without any prospect or possibility of knowing the answers! Unless of course you read the next issues of comics which, according to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, will serve as season 5.

The death of Sabrina Morningstar – Credit (s): Netflix

Where is Sabrina Morningstar's soul located?

Before doing re faced with the moving disappearance of Sabrina Spellman, it is her twin Sabrina Morningstar who is gone, after having managed to warn her clone of the imminent arrival of the Void. A surprising and brutal death which left us totally unsatisfied. And for good reason, if Sabrina Spellman had the right to her “happy ending” in what strangely resembles Paradise, one also wonders where the daughter of Lucifer, formerly Queen of the Underworld, could well be! The most probable answer remains the following: as a clone, his soul disappeared permanently from the cosmos without leaving any traces, thus making it possible to restore the balance between the worlds .

Are Sabrina and Nick in Heaven? – Credit (s): Netflix

Is Sabrina Spellman really in Heaven?

It may seem surprising and yet, in addition to being a witch, daughter of Lucifer and partially Queen of the Underworld, Sabrina Spellman nevertheless had access to Heaven after her death. Unless it's actually another place, some sort of enhanced afterlife, commissioned by the witch in previous seasons after her coronation at the Hell. A peaceful and welcoming room that helps souls to live a “more human and less humiliating” afterlife than that proposed by Lucifer. This is all the more conceivable as the latter looks more like a vast waiting room or the Nothingness than the famous Garden of Eden.

The Trinket Man in The New Adventures of Sabrina – Credit (s): Netflix

Who is the Trinket Man?

He is a recurring character in part 4 of New Adventures of Sabrina . After allowing Father Blackwood to get his hands on Perversion, the latter who finds himself chased out of the city helps Sabrina get rid of the Abomination by offering her the Omphalos Stone. It is also he who is in the possession of Pandora's box, the sacred object allowing the witch to trap the Void. An important protagonist therefore who has never revealed his identity. If some think that it could be God, the showrunner has so far never validated this theory . Yet seeing the contents of his suitcase, it is certain that it will have a significant impact in future comics. And for good reason, the latter could also have got his hands on the Ankh of the resurrection, a symbol of ancient Egypt capable of bringing the dead back to life.

Lilith killing Lucifer in the final episode – Credit (s): Netflix

What will become of Lilith in Hell?

In the final episode Lilith, tired of duty to bow to the cruel demands of Lucifer, kills him by stabbing him with the Lance of Longinus. A magical object given by Caliban which has the power to take the life of immortal beings. A scene which therefore implies that the young woman finally manages to access the throne of the Underworld, a privilege that she has been waiting patiently since the first episode. But despite everything, if the crown of the Infernal Realm now seems within the reach of Lilith, it is plausible that the lords do not let it go . After having pledged allegiance to Lucifer, then Caliban, these last imprints of a strong misogyny refuse to see a woman in power. Could it then be that Lilith's authority in the Underworld is once again called into question? 4309593 Also find out which scene from the final episode has shocked Kiernan Shipka in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 4 .