The Office: This cult scene was the most expensive of the whole series



It doesn’t sound like this famous scene from The Office was expensive, very expensive.

While we are still waiting to know if a reboot of The Office will take place , some little anecdotes are going around the web to teach fans a little more. As for example the cost of the scene of the most expensive series to shoot, which required no less than 100 00 $ of expenses . And contrary to what one might think, it is not about a scene which seems incredible since it is of the marriage proposal of Jim and Pam that it is question. Yep, that little scene in the rain, at a gas station, when Jim and Pam find themselves halfway between New York and Scranton.

Pam et Jim

Pam and Jim – Credit (s): nbc This may interest you : Thor 4, Love & Thunder : La reconstruction d'Asgard au cœur de l'intrigue ?

Why did this scene cost so much? Originally, the production team wanted to shoot it in a real gas station, but it would have cost them dearly already, and they could not have used fake rain for the stage, probably for safety reasons. So they decided to rebuild a gas station replica themselves to be able to realize the scene as they imagined it. Suffice to say that it is, by far, the most expensive scene of the whole series. After all the story between

Jim and Pam, who escaped to a terrible plot that would have disappointed the fans , is central to

The Office and was well worth that.

Crédits : The Washington Post

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