The Punisher: Despite its cancellation, a season 3 could well see the light of day according to Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle)


Jon Bernthal has revealed that there may still be a chance that The Punisher Season 3 will happen despite the series being prematurely canceled in 2019.

The series The Punisher had a surprising journey. Jon Bernthal joined Daredevil in Season 2 as Frank Castle , a veteran turned vigilante to kill those who injured his family. His performance was so well received that Netflix launched a spin-off centered solely on Franck Castle. The Punisher was first created in 2017, with a second season arriving early 2019 … Despite very good reviews, The Punisher couldn't avoid the cancellation frenzy caused by Marvel's internal restructuring. This Daredevil spin-off has been officially canceled one month after the release of its season 2! However, the series' flagship actor Jon Bernthal has hinted that a season 3 may still be on the cards!

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In a recent interview with Geek House Show , Jon Bernthal left in doubt about a possible season 3 of The Punisher. “There is always hope” , the actor said with a smile. During his interview , he explained, “ It's amazing how people reacted to this version of Frank, and I can't tell you how much it matters to me because he matters so much. for me. He's in my blood, he's in my bones … So it's not about if we do it, it's about doing it right and doing the version the fans deserve really. We'll see. I mean, all of these decisions are made in rooms that I'm not invited to … But Frank is still there, he's still a part of me. And when we get the call, I'll be ready, and I'll make sure I do everything I can to make sure we're doing it right, otherwise we won't do it at all. “ His words are hopeful! While waiting to know if The Punisher will indeed be entitled to a season 3, find out what you can watch in November on Netflix!

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