The Simpsons: 3 fun facts about the series that only true fans know


Unless you're a real expert, we bet you didn't know these 3 fun facts about the Simpsons!

It would seem that even after 32 seasons, fans of America's most ubiquitous series will not be at the end of their surprises! And for good reason, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart from Simpsons continue to unveil themselves today through astonishing fun facts . Crisp anecdotes that sometimes allow you to revisit the plot of an episode, to see the inhabitants of Springfield in a new light and even to learn a little more about their past. This is also how we learned that the mysterious hoarse voice of Marge Simpson was due to his too tight collar . In a similar vein, here are three amazing and fun new pieces of information that only true fans of the show will know.

Bart meets God in The Simpsons – Credit (s): Fox

Only 2 characters have five fingers!

If all the inhabitants of Springfield have only four fingers on their hands and feet, there are however two characters in the series which deviate from this rule. It is about God and his son Jesus, two protagonists like no other. An intriguing detail that would only serve to underline their superiority over the whole planet. Like what, the devil is in the details! Just like that amazing easter egg hidden in Homer's hair that everyone has missed.

The real age of Bart and Lisa

This is a trick often used in cartoons: the characters do not age! And for good reason, space-time does not exist in a two-dimensional world. See the article : Avengers Endgame: Did Iron Man Predict the Arrival of Kang the Conqueror? This is the case with the members of the Simpson family who even after 32 seasons, always have the same age. A fact that did not prevent in 40 a scientist to calculate the real age of Bart and Lisa. The result is also very astonishing! Indeed, the turbulent child would be today 38 years while her sister Lisa would blow her 32 candles! Almost the same age his parents had in the very first season.

Lisa rencontre Paul McCartney dans les Simpson Lisa rencontre Paul McCartney dans les Simpson

Lisa meets Paul McCartney in The Simpsons – Credit (s): Fox

Lisa is vegetarian thanks to Paul McCartney

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