The Simpsons: All those times Homer tried to make money illegally


Homer is not the most honest man in Springfield, which is why he was prepared to take wacky and illegal jobs to earn three cents.

If this child of the Simpson family is led to become a psychopath , it is because it is not always easy to grow up with a father like Homer. Indeed, the father of Lisa, Bart and Maggie was not necessarily an exemplary model for his children, Homer being always the first to go headlong into anything that could be dangerous. This daredevil side, he demonstrated it many times when he engaged in bizarre and illegal jobs to earn money. Homer Simpson did the worst things to pocket a few pennies, even if it meant harming his family …

Stampy the elephant – Credit (s): Fox, Disney See the article : Charmed season 3: Mel, Maggie and Macy are back and in great danger in a bewitching trailer.

Once, Homer started selling beer, which he made himself in his garage with the help from his son Bart. He asked his oldest to quit school to create and promote their brand of craft beer … Then, Bart won an elephant which he nicknamed Stampy. Realizing that maintaining such a large animal was costing a lot of money, Homer Simpson decided to charge for elephant rides to get rich and pay his daily expenses to feed him. A little walk was worth 500 $, but since Homer was very greedy, he eventually sold Stampy to an ivory merchant … Better and better! That's not all, to achieve his ends, the father also went so far as to rip off his friend Apu, by making him believe that he had won a scratch card by modifying the results . In the end, the latter found himself ruined, begging Homer to hire him for any job! Decidedly, we will never be able to understand this father of a family, nor 3395106 why all the Simpsons cats die under such circumstances doubtful …

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