The Simpsons fan-beloved character is actually a future psychopath, the proof


According to this theory, the Simpsons fan favorite character will eventually meet a dark fate.

There is 31 years, day to day, the American animated series the most barred of the small screen broadcast her very first episode on the Fox . 32 seasons later, The Simpsons continues despite a consequent loss of hearing , to narrate the incredible and ubiquitous adventures of the inhabitants of Springfield. The opportunity to take a closer look at an astonishing popular theory relayed by the site CBR: Maggie the youngest of the family Simpson would actually be in the process to become a dangerous psychopath . The reason ? The character, who is nevertheless very appreciated by fans for his precocious intelligence and his adorable boil, has repeatedly proven to be malicious towards certain members of his entourage.

Maggie in the Simpsons – Credit (s): Fox

Worst ! If today the little girl is slowly sliding towards the dark side, it is because of the Itchy cartoon and Scratchy that she watches excessively

. It is for this reason that Maggie then attacks her father with a mallet in season 2. Rather than taking a step back on the thing, the latter prefers to reproduce the famous “gag” with a some guilty pleasure. Violent impulses which only increased over the years, until reaching its climax in the famous episode “ Who Shot Mr Burns? “when Maggie intentionally attacks the billionaire for a dark story of the stolen lollipop . Without forgetting the time in the season 12 the latter saves Homer's life by pointing a gun at Fat Tony or when using a bottle broken glass for self-defense in the film. An unusual theory but not so improbable as that, because it allows to explain why

his rivalry with baby unibrow more than once almost turned into drama in The Simpsons . What do you think ?

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