The Simpsons: How and why did all the cats in the show die?


All the cats of the Simpson family unfortunately suffered the same fate: death. Why didn't the hairballs in the house survive?

If these episodes with Bart Simpson made us laugh a lot , we laugh less when we think back to the tragic fate of the cats in the family. In all, Lisa and her parents adopted five furballs and unfortunately none of the pets survived . The Simpson family first adopted Snowball, a gorgeous white Persian who was run over by Mayor Quimby's drunken brother, Clovis. Then the members set their sights on another cat, which they named Snowball II. A brave little furball that saved Homer from a burning tree, and sadly died in circumstances similar to the first: crushed, under a bicycle.

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Another spell for Snowball III but same fate: drowned in the fish tank … At this precise moment, Marge was reading a book about cats and their curse , and given the liabilities of their animals, there was something to wonder about. Lisa didn't want to hear anything and adopted another cat she called Coltrane – but again, their connection was short-lived. While she was playing him a piece of music, the cat jumped out the window and did not survive her fall … A new curse falls on the Simpson family, enough to encourage Marge to scold God and blackmail him if he continues to kill the cats in their home . Series The Simpsons does not offer any explicit explanation for the fate of pets , but we have to believe that cats and yellow men were not made to be together! At least, 4303522 the hairballs avoid falling into the hands of this future psychopath of the Simpsons.

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