The Simpsons: The Surprising Story Behind Maggie's Rivalry And Baby Unibrow Revealed


If Maggie can't walk or talk, she still has a major enemy in The Simpsons and it's baby Unibrow! Find out why toddlers hate each other so much.

After more than years of good and loyal service, the characters of the Simpsons have inevitably made some enemies along the way. At the same time, Homer and the others are known for their outspokenness and it would be a shame to see the Simpsons get censored in the future . As Lisa once explained to her brother “you cannot be loved by everyone, and there are bound to be people on earth who you hate” To support her point, she cited the case of Maggie: if it is a baby barely a year old, who can neither speak nor walk, the younger Simpson has yet an enemy. High as three apples, his main detractor is also a toddler and to understand why he hates her so much, we have to go back to the day of their birth.

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Baby Unibrow is actually called Gerald Samson. This yellow single-eyed infant was born the same day as Maggie, in the same hospital as the younger Simpson family. If all could have started well for baby Unibrow's life, that day the midwives were out of diapers – only one was left. Without explaining why, it was Maggie who was given the final layer, to the detriment of Gerald who was given a low-end substitute. Race result, baby Unibrow developed a rash on his buttocks, a disease he still suffers from today . This is the reason why Gerald seeks revenge on Maggie at all costs: because she had the last hospital bed! If Gerald Samson is not a part of all episodes of The Simpsons he was incorporated into the new credits of the animated series, what to expect no more fighting between the two toddlers! Before discovering the affront of babies, know that 4270365 the secret behind Marge's hoarse voice in The Simpsons has been revealed.

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