The Simpsons: These episodes with Bart are the funniest of the whole series


In addition to 30 years, The Simpsons made us go through all the emotions. One of the stars of the family, Bart, is still our favorite party, back to his best moments.

The little Simpsons family is unstoppable, but you'd be surprised to learn this connection between Mr. Burns and Homer. Each of its members has its own personality and its own universe, but after the father, Bart remains the funniest of the group! Always ready to do silly things and test the limits of others, Lisa's big brother made us laugh a lot in the son of seasons of Simpsons . That's why we decided to take a look back at his best moments on the show, do you remember those three very funny episodes centered on Bart?

Bart and the comet


Bart – Credit ( s): Fox, Disney

In Season 6, Episode 12, Bart had done yet another mistake and was punished by Principal Skinner. His sanction? Come and attend your morning astronomy session (there is worse) to try to see something out of the ordinary. While Bart didn't care about the exercise, he discovered the emergence of a comet that was heading straight for Springfield! No more wait, he personally named this comet and warned everyone of his extraordinary discovery …

Bart and his girlfriend

Bart – Credit (s): Fox, Disney

Bart is one of the biggest daredevils in the animated series . However, when he met Jessica Lovejoy, the daughter of the Reverend, he immediately wanted to soften up and become a good match for her. As he tried to shake off his “bad boy” habits, he found that his “sweetie” was actually much worse than him . Jessica manipulated Bart as she pleased, making him her puppet! Fortunately, the son Simpson was able to count on his sister Lisa: she succeeded in delivering him from this Evil …

Bart as an intern on Krusty's show