The Snowman on Netflix: Is the Mysterious Thriller Starring Michael Fassbender and Charlotte Gainsbourg Really Worth It? Our verdict


The Snowman has been available for a few days on Netflix but is it worth a look?

Good news for fans of old series , we recently learned that a reboot of the cult Hartley series, Cœurs à vive is in preparation at Netflix ! And for those who prefer films and more particularly thrillers, today we are offering you a little feedback on The Snowman (The Snowman) , thriller with Michael Fassbender which is currently a hit on the VOD platform. The film by Tomas Alfredson adapted from the eponymous book by Jo Nesbø follows the adventures of Detective Harry Hole, played by Fassbender , and the investigation he is working on to find the trail of several missing women.

Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) – Credit (s): universal This may interest you : How can I watch local TV online?

People familiar with Scandinavian thrillers will quickly find their bearings in the plot which we believe is still missing a little rhythm. The whole mystery built around the disappearance of several women, of a killer who knows the hero and then of more or less tenuous links with the main characters is too vague to really catch on. It must be said that the director of the film explained that the team was not in possession of the entire script when it was shot in Norway , which would explain a chaotic timeline and misplaced ellipses that make it difficult to fully understand the film.

Harry Hole – Credit (s): universal

Despite an interesting cast composed in particular of Michael Fassbender and Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Snowman therefore struggles to capture our attention over time. The Nordic atmosphere and the rather rich background story are not fully exploited and we can clearly feel the editing worries encountered by Tomas Alfredson towards the end of the film. The resolution is too confusing to be satisfactory, leaving the impression of having only half-followed the film or having missed several key scenes . In short, despite its place in the top 10 of the most viewed films on Netflix currently, we advise you to go your way and set you on a quest for a better constructed and therefore more successful thriller. While waiting to find it, here is our review of Ava on Netflix with Jessica Chastain .

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