The tops and flops of LGBTQ + representation in the series in 2020


A quick overview of LGBTQ characters in the series this year. Warning, spoilers.

First of all, beware of possible spoilers on the series of 100 in what follows. After having listed the actresses and these actors of series tore everything in 100 , it's time to come back to what we liked and which could have been better on the small screen, especially in terms of representation of the LGBTQ community. Whether it is quality or quantity, a lot of series have been there this year , but some have been much more skilful than other. We therefore invite you to discover our top which gives great visibility to LGBTQ , and our flop which shows that there is still progress to be made. Obviously as always, impossible to quote everything, we therefore invite you to share your opinions below in the comments.


Feel Good (Netflix)

In Feel Good , Mae Martin embodies a character of tenderness who, like so many lesbians before her, falls in love with a young straight woman … unless … Self-discovery, addictions, love … Feel Good is a compendium of human truths not always easy to hear but essential to know.

Schitt's Creek (Pop TV)

Schitt's Creek – Credit (s): pop tv To see also : Doctor Strange 2: This Theory Explains How The Multiverse Was Created.

Schitt's Creek has – almost literally – won everything at Emmy Awards 100 and it is more than deserved. If you've never taken a look at the little series that won 9 Emmys this year, we can only encourage you to do so. Because she is not only champion of representation with her ultra endearing characters, she also plays in the pro humor and drama side.

Teenage Bounty Hunters (Netflix)

Teenage Bounty Hunters – Credit (s): Netflix This may interest you : X-Men fan imagines what MCU Phases 1 through 3 would have looked like if mutants had replaced Avengers.

Nothing like a little trope “from friend to foe to end up lover” and Teenage Bounty Hunters exploited the concept with flying colors – which clearly makes the series cancellation even sadder. The Catholic education of April and Sterling allows to show the difficulties of homosexuality in an intolerant environment , but also how it is possible to get out anyway and it is a pity that Netflix does not have allowed fans to know the end of their story. This does not prevent the series from being one of the success stories of the year in terms of LGBTQ representation.

Shameless US (Showtime)

Shameless US – Credit (s): showtime

After many years on Showtime, it's in 100 that Mickey and Ian were able to say “yes” to each other during the season 10 of

Shameless and as much to say that it was worth the wait . Even if the 2 characters have been present for a long time, the beauty of their marriage and what it represents remain essential elements that we wanted to highlight in this small list.

The Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix)

The Haunting of Bly Manor – Credit (s): Netflix

There are love stories, and love stories. And it is clearly in this second category that The Haunting of Bly Manor is placed and her flagship couple formed by Dani (Victoria Pedretti) and Jamie (Amelia Eve). After all the drama they shared at Bly Manor, the series offers a real glimpse into their life together, the tender domesticity of their daily lives, and even a fair proposal. And if these scenes are so important, it is unfortunately because it is still rare to see a happy lesbian couple in their daily life trying to '' perform such trivial tasks as washing dishes or eating. Lesbian representation – and even LGBTQ – improves but too often to see characters unhappy, tortured or who do not survive. Although Bly Manor ends tragically, the writers offered to Dani and Jamie have a happy life together, and it's still too rare not to be emphasized.

Dead to Me (Netflix)

Dead to Me – Credit (s): Netflix

Alchemy between Jen and Judy is there, but it was with Michelle that Judy found love, and the way it came about was remarkable enough that To see also : Star Wars: George Lucas' original plan for Darth Vader's Revenge of the Sith origins revealed. Dead to Me either in this list. Because Judy's coming out was not said, it was not a source of drama or questions, it simply happened . And even though it's an idealistic vision that makes you want to exist in a world where you stop thinking that heterosexuality is the norm, it feels good to see series characters loving who they want without making it a big deal. dish.

The flops

Killing Eve (AMC / BBC)

Killing Eve – Credit (s): bbc america

Good, Killing Eve is not much of a flop in terms of performances. Let's just say queerbaiting is starting to get a bit tiring , and it's high time for something concrete to happen between Villanelle and Eve. Yes, we know that they have a crush on each other and they have already confessed their feelings, so it would be time for this to be shown in the gestures and no longer just in the words.

Riverdale (The CW)

Season 5 of Riverdale – Credit (s): the cw

In addition to having erased the asexuality of Jughead from the comics by making that of the series a straight guy, Riverdale

especially made no effort with the lesbian couple “Choni”, formed by Cheryl and Toni . The latter only appears sporadically in the series and serves more as a scriptwriting tool than anything else. Representation is good, but it's better when you don't do it just to have a sticker …

Supernatural (The CW)

The episode 18 of the season 15 by Supernatural – Credit (s): The CW On the same subject : The Lady's Game on Netflix: Anya Taylor-Joy reunites with the whole miniseries team for a new project.

Difficult to talk about flops in LGBTQ representations in 2020 without dwelling on Castiel's disastrous coming-out during the season 10 from Supernatural. Between Dean's nonexistent reaction and the fact that Castiel goes straight to hell after confessing his love for another man , we don't really know what which is worse. After years of queerbaiting with the couple “Destiel”, Supernatural has come to fruition the feelings of one of his characters to better kill him and that is a big no.

The Lady's Game (Netflix)

The Queen's Gambit – Credit (s): Netflix To see also : The Lord of the Rings: These 3 fun facts prove that filming was no easy feat.

Like you and surely many other serevores, we devoured all the episodes of The Queen's Gambit pretty quickly on Netflix. But just because the plot is very well put together doesn't mean the series doesn't have some flaws, and this is especially the case in terms of LGBTQ representation. Actress Anya Taylor-Joy has indeed confirmed that Beth and Cleo slept well together, but given the very vague way their relationship is shown in the series, she gives more impression of being an anecdote added to make Beth even more interesting than anything else . Again, portraying the LGBTQ community isn't there for the writers' good conscience or to make a series look cooler and more open. It's all about making viewers feel like they exist, and we can't really say that this is mission accomplished for Lady.

Mrs. America (Hulu)


The trailer for Mrs America – Credit (s): hulu See the article : Spider-Man 3: Venom 2 could play a major role for Tom Holland movie.

Once again, we are not here to deny the quality of Mrs. America which is also one of the excellent discoveries of the year 2020. We just want to point out that, in a series that talks about feminism in the years 18, Glorian Steinhem and many other well-known activists, he is more than a pity that sexuality was not put forward more . A focus episode on Brenda vaguely touched on the subject but Mrs. America clearly missed the opportunity to showcase a community that has fought hard for – and advanced – civil rights in America.

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