The Umbrella Academy season 3: How the reunion between Dave and Klaus is important for the plot?


There is a good chance that Dave is alive in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy and his reunion with Klaus is essential for the good progress of the plot.

If the filming of season 3 of The Umbrella Academy started recently , few details of the plot have been released to the public. As we know, the next episodes of the series Netflix will present a new team facing the Hargreeves family, the Sparrow Academy. The two superhero teams will surely fight for their place in the current timeline, as their adoptive father Sir Reginald appears to have other darker motives. Rumor has it that the founder of Sparrow Academy chose to adopt other superhero kids after not being convinced by the first ones when he met them in the years 60. If Allison, Five, Luther and Diego do not exploit their potential enough, it is especially Klaus who could improve the situation in the continuation of the series.

Klaus and Dave – Credit (s): Netflix

The reason ? He has particularly powerful powers, in particular that of being able to levitate, to speak with the dead, to take possession of a person, to communicate thanks to the hertzian waves, to practice telekinesis …! But for that, he has to settle his few addiction concerns that arose following the loss of his soulmate Dave, killed during the war in Vietnam. So understand why the survival of the latter in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy can absolutely change everything! If Klaus reunites with his beloved and tender one in the next few episodes – whether they get back together or not – it could prevent him from sinking into a new depression. Thus, Klaus could take advantage of the entirety of his powers and save his family from the threatening differences to come. Klaus could enter the head of the new Ben, the leader of Sparrow Academy, but also that of his father in order to understand his real motivations. Hopefully the reunion between Klaus and Dave will take place, this would allow 4346488 the Umbrella Academy to get by in Season 3, even though Reginald is responsible for all the apocalypses that have occurred!