The Vampire Diaries: Before Elena Gilbert, which women counted for Damon Salvatore?


Before landing with Elena, Damon knew other women in his life. Here are the ones that mattered to him in The Vampire Diaries!

As soon as he laid eyes on Elena, Damon was spellbound by her beauty but not only … Her striking resemblance to Katherine Pierce, who turned out to be his doppelganger , completely disturbed her. As The Vampire Diaries went on, Damon literally fell in love with Elena Gilbert. He was ready to risk his life for her. As we know, in the Series Finale of The Vampire Diaries , Elena woke up and Damon became human again. They thus obtained their happy-ending and aged next to each other. If Elena was the woman of his life, other characters counted throughout The Vampire Diaries and here's a little recap!

Katherine Pierce

Katherine, son premier amour

Katherine, her first love – Credit (s): The CW

When Katherine Pierce arrived in Mystic Falls, Va., In 768, in The Vampire Diaries , she was a guest of Giuseppe Salvatore. During the few months that Katherine lived with the Salvatores, Damon and Stefan fell in love with her . While she manipulated Stefan's feelings, Damon retained his free will. After drinking her blood, he believed she had died in the church fire. Damon passed 145 years mourning Katherine and planning her release, only to find out that she had faked his death and never loved him.

Caroline Forbes

Caroline and Damon had a quick history! – Credit (s): The CW

You may have forgotten it, but this romance did take place! During season 1 of On the same subject : This Is Us season 5: did Kate really have an abortion?

The Vampire Diaries , Caroline had a brief affair with the elder Salvatore. If she wanted to get closer to Stefan, Stefan only had eyes for Elena. So she set her sights on Damon, but their story did not last!


Damin's “Girlfriend” – Credit (s): The CW Read also : Avengers Endgame: Is the Universe Safer Now that Iron Man is Dead?

After Rose's death, Elena's aunt , Jenna, introduced her presenter friend, Andie Star, to Damon. If Damon wasn't in the mood for this new relationship so soon after Rose disappeared, he finally wanted a distraction. Their story wasn't that big, but he still called Andie “his girlfriend.”

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