The Vampire Diaries: Elena, Damon … These characters who took the anti-vampire remedy


The Cure was introduced during season 4 of The Vampire Diaries becoming a key point in the story and four vampires used this remedy to regain their humanity!

In the 1st century BC, in The Vampire Diaries , Bonnie Bennett's ancestor, Qetsiyah fell in love with another wizard named Silas. It was she who created a spell to make them immortal but after Silas' betrayal, she also created a cure (The Cure) in order to undo his spell. Instead of taking it, Silas chose to remain buried in a cave on an isolated island for 768 years. During Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries , Atticus Shane convinced Elena and her friends to help him raise Silas from the dead in exchange for The Cure. It was only after arriving on the island that they learned that there was only one dose. The Cure changed hands throughout the second half of the season. Finally, four vampires were able to take or taste this remedy to regain their humanity in The Vampire Diaries!

Katherine Pierce

Katherine was the first! – Credit (s): The cw

Once Elena had the remedy, she offered it to Stefan. Read also : How can I watch local TV online? However, he didn't take it and he set up the big twist of the season 4 finale of

The Vampire Diaries . During a brutal confrontation with Katherine, Elena was forced to push the remedy down her doppelgänger's throat to save herself.

Elena Gilbert

Katherine a été la première ! Elena la seconde !
Elena the second! – Credit (s): The CW

After spending most of Season 6 in the prison world of 1994, Bonnie returned to the current Mystic Falls with the remedy. Read also : Game of Thrones season 8: this is why Arya should never have wanted to kill Cersei. Damon gave it to Elena and offered to take it as well. Once Elena drank the remedy Damon planned to feed on her, and as long as no one sucked him he and Elena could live the rest of their lives together by as mortals . Despite Elena and Damon's uncertainties about their future, she took the cure. All the memories of Damon that Alaric had forced Elena to forget came back. But Damon didn't have time to finish his plan and Kai tied Elena's life to Bonnie's …

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan got it too! – Credit (s): cw

The last season of The Vampire Diaries was the darkest … Bonnie used a syringe to draw Elena's blood for use on Cade, but eventually her plan changed. When a Stefan without humanity arrived at Bonnie's house with the intention of killing Elena, the witch injected him with the cure , making him the first vampire to successfully transition to human without directly drinking the remedy. Stefan relived every murder he committed, and everyone he forced began to remember the things Stefan wanted them to forget.

Damon Salvatore
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