The Vampire Diaries: Stefan, Klaus, Tyler … Why has Caroline never needed a man?


If Caroline had beautiful love stories in The Vampire Diaries, she has always been a strong and independent woman and has never needed a man to live and survive!

Since the very first season of The Vampire Diaries , Caroline is one of the characters who has known the most beautiful evolution . Although she was presented as a superficial, often unbearable teenager, over time, she blossomed into a strong and impressive young woman who knew what she stood for and always remained loyal to her friends. In addition, Caroline has become an incredible mother for the Saltzman twins, desperate for her daughters, while their bilogical mother, Jo was killed by her brother. Also, one thing that is important to note is that she raised herself on her own, independently and never needed a man to become the awesome woman she was. she has become.

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Unlike Elena who has always been in a relationship, with Matt, Stefan then Damon, Caroline has never been dependent on a man in The Vampire Diaries . She had love stories that mattered but she moved forward on her own. His relationship with Stefan is obviously the one that fans have remembered, but soon after their marriage, Damon Salvatore's brother sacrificed himself and died. She therefore continued her life alone, devoting herself to the education of her daughters with Alaric. She also set up the Salvatore School to allow young supernatural students to have a roof capable of protecting them. Full of good will, Caroline built herself in The Vampire Diaries and she is surely one of the favorite characters of the fans from the CW series. One thing is certain, is that The Vampire Diaries marked the spirits in eight seasons.

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