The Vampire Diaries: These characters introduced in the series died in the spin-off The Originals


Many characters from The Vampire Diaries migrated into the spin-off, The Originals and some of them even died in this series!

The Vampire Diaries marked a whole generation . With eight seasons to its credit, the series has been a resounding success, so much so that spin-offs have emerged! The first one is of course The Originals, centered on the Mikaelson, the first family of vampires known as “Originals” . The series The Originals has stayed true to the DNA established by The Vampire Diaries and developed it. Both shows often shocked fans by killing beloved characters and using storylines like Gilbert Ring, The Other Side, vampirism and witchcraft to bring them back from the dead … However, some 'between them could not return! Moreover, some characters introduced in The Vampire Diaries died (definitively) in The Originals !

Esther Mikaelson

The mother of the “Originals” – Credit (s ): Cw

After being resuscitated numerous times in On the same subject : The Batman: A grueling shoot for Robert Pattinson? The Vampire Diaries and The Originals , Ester, the mother of Klaus and his siblings, was killed in season 2 of the spin-off. In the Season Finale, Esther was brought back one last time by Davina Claire, so her blood could be used to forge a weapon to kill Dahlia, who had claimed all of Mikaelson's firstborns. Esther died with her sister when Klaus stabbed them to save her daughter, Hope.

Mikael Mikaelson

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Mikael was an Original and a vampire hunter who spent centuries stalking his children … However, Klaus used the White Oak Stake on Mikael again, permanently reducing him to ashes in season 2 of The Originals !

Finn Mikaelson

La fin de la famille Mikaelson ?

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Finn is the one who spent the most time stabbed by Klaus … While he had often betrayed his own, he had succeeded to make amends to his brothers and sisters in The Originals but he was killed by a bite of Lucien Castle.

Hayley Marshall

Hayley s'est sacrifiée !
Hayley sacrificed herself! – Credit (s): The CW

This is surely one of the most heartbreaking deaths in the series The Originals ! Greta wanted to kill Hope but Hayley sacrificed herself for her daughter. She was stripped of her hybrid powers and burnt in the sun during battle …

Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah lost his life! – Credit (s): The CW

In the penultimate episode of Season 5 of The Originals, when Elijah learned that Klaus was planning to siphon the spirit Hollow of Hope's body into his, he was determined to take his brother's place. Klaus felt that Elijah had spent enough of his life making sacrifices for him and refused. Klaus' decision meant he would have to end his life before the Hollow devoured him … True to their vow to stay together “for always” , Elijah and Klaus died together in the Series Finale.

Klaus Mikaelson

Since Klaus was both an Original and a hybrid, he was virtually indestructible. His greatest vulnerability was his daughter, Hope. During Season 5, Hollow's dark magic threatened to kill Hope, and in order to save her, Klaus asked the Saltzman twins to siphon the old evil from Hope's body into his own. In the closing moments of the Series Finale, Elijah revealed to his brother that his only purpose in life was to witness Klaus' redemption. They split the White Oak stake in half, and each brother stabbed the other in the heart, turning to ashes in a quiet corner of the French Quarter of New Orleans .

Credits: Screenrant, The CW

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