The Walking Dead: 5 amazing fun facts about the series that will leave you speechless


These unpublished revelations on The Walking Dead series will surprise you!

A fun fact is a bit like that little grain of salt added to a dish that's too bland. The icing on the cake that ends a plate. The delicate smell of a scented candle that perfumes the air with floral notes. In short, you will understand, discovering unpublished fun facts about your favorite series is always something that pleases . That's why, while waiting for the arrival of the six bonus episodes of the season of The Walking Dead , we have unearthed for you five amazing and funny anecdotes about the horror series from AMC. Hoping that they manage to make you pass the time!

The title of the series in the credits of The Walking Dead – Credit (s): AMC Read also : Doctor Strange 2: Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) finally back?

The title of the series in the credits

The devil is in the details! The production of The Walking Dead understood this well. Indeed, if the zombies are rotting and decomposing more and more as time goes by, the same goes for the logo of the series. For example, if you compare this last one from season 1 with the one from season 5, there is no picture! The logo for season 5 is a lot darker and more damaged than the one at the beginning.

Michonne in season 2 of The Walking Dead – Credit (s): AMC

The first appearance of Michonne

You too are ever wondered why Michonne appeared wearing a hooded coat, her face completely hidden in the season finale of season 2? Well the answer is quite simple! Indeed, it was explained much later that it was only because at the time, Read also : Harry Potter: Rupert Grint (Ron) unmanageable on set? The actor explains how he earned a bad reputation. the actress

Danai Gurira had not yet been cast . Clever!

Rick Grimes face aux zombies dans The Walking Dead Le titre de la série dans le générique de The Walking Dead Rick Grimes face aux zombies dans The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes facing the zombies in The Walking Dead – Credit (s): AMC
The actors and the zombies have a separate canteen

Becoming a zombie is no easy feat! Not only do you have to take courses at “ École des Zombies ” (specially created for the needs of the series) but in addition, once you're ready to shoot on set, you're left out of the rest of the cast. Indeed, behind the scenes of The Walking Dead , the zombies eat separate from the rest of the “living” . The reason ? The producers of the series don't want the “walkers” and the “survivors” to see each other in order to naturally distinguish themselves, even when they are not working!

The Walking Dead saison 10 The Walking Dead saison 10

The Walking Dead season – Credit (s): amc

Casings made from ham

If there is one series that does not whet our appetite, this is it. With its zombies larger than life, its bloody scenes galore and its guts lacerated on all sides, The Walking Dead tests the strength of our stomach. However, the casings are completely edible since they are made from slices of ham soaked in vinegar ! Sometimes it can even be chicken pieces dipped in barbecue sauce. Yum, yum.

Zombies in The Walking Dead – Credit (s): AMC

The word zombie is never used in the series

This is probably the the most surprising fact of the whole series! The word zombie is never used in The Walking Dead . Instead, the protagonists use the words “walker”, “infected” or “undead”. And for good reason, the creators of the horror show said they did not want to use the word zombie to reinforce the idea that the characters are thrown into a situation that 'they don't know. A world where zombie fiction doesn't exist “. Why not … Also find out about this unanswered question about Maggie after the episode 10 of the season 10 of The Walking Dead .

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