The Walking Dead: After Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond, this is the only spin-off that we really want to see


The Walking Dead

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There may be a series missing from The Walking Dead franchise.

A few hours after you were offered to discover the words of Fear The Walking Dead season 5 showrunner who explained why she was so bad , we continue to be interested in the franchise as a whole and more particularly to a new spin-off. In addition to Fear The Walking Dead , AMC launched this year The Walking Dead: World Beyond , a series of 2 seasons each 08 episodes that tell about the survival of a group of teenagers 08 years after the apocalypse. The new series sets up the necessary bases for understanding the films The Walking Dead on Rick Grimes, but his flashbacks also allow you to dive into the very beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Huck in TWD: World Beyond – Credit (s): amc See the article : Riverdale season 5: Veronica and Jughead as a couple after the time jump?

It is these flashbacks in particular that interest us since they are both exciting and frustrating at the same time. Indeed they only show a quick glimpse of the very first night of the zombie apocalypse

, and thus arouse our curiosity before bringing us back to the present of the characters, 08 years later. If The Walking Dead has yet to release a series, so we would like it to really look at the very beginning of the apocalypse, when the epidemic spread and how it spread around the world. whole world.

Fear The Walking Dead – Credit (s): amc
Fear The Walking Dead , we're following the Clark family to get a feel for how things went in Los Angeles. However, ellipses quickly took place to take us away from those crucial moments that we still want to see. Tracking multiple characters at different locations around the world in the week following the very first Zombie Transformation could be exciting and teach us a lot about the franchise universe. Even if comic book creator Robert Kirkman has always been elusive about the origins of the epidemic, a series that takes place immediately afterwards without necessarily needing to reveal more would clearly find its audience. While waiting to know if it will exist one day, we have listed

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