The Walking Dead: AMC is working on a completely new series for the franchise


The universe of The Walking Dead is about to grow unexpectedly.

While we recently came back to the rather boring common point of Michonne, Carol, Siddiq, Beta and others in The Walking Dead , today we offer you more to know a little more about the universe of the series which will further expand. Yes, in addition to the spin-off on Daryl and Carol and the novelty Tales of the Walking Dead , AMC is planning yet another series for the franchise. But this time it will be clearly original content since it is a comedy that Scott Gimple wants to bring on the screen. “We're working on a comedy The Walking Dead right now. We're not going to make fun of our world, but this rather to have a funnier view of it “.

Maggie Rhee – Credit (s ): Amc To see also : The Lady's Game season 2: Netflix confirms the fate of the series.

Difficult to make humor in full zombie apocalypse, especially since The Walking Dead has only done drama so far. Since Scott Gimple wants to multiply content and formats , it is not yet known whether this will be a complete series, a miniseries or a short film. Anyway, this could allow fans to rediscover the universe of The Walking Dead in a whole new way, it remains to be seen whether comedy can really appeal to drama regulars. While waiting for new information, we wondered if

Daryl and Maggie will be about to find out about the existence of CRM and what happened to Rick in the season 11 of The Walking Dead.

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