The Walking Dead, Gray & amp; apos; s Anatomy, Riverdale, This Is Us … Here are all the broadcast dates of the next episodes


The year 2020 arrives and with it the return of your favorite series, but when?

After having listed you all those series that end in 2020 , we come back with better news, namely the return date of those who will return well next year for one or more seasons. As you can see below, TVLine has compiled the broadcast dates of a lot of series that will come back after a usual little winter hiatus . The schedules of many channels were upset because of the coronavirus and the delays in filming that it caused. But that will not prevent Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Charmed, The Blackist and the others to come back.

The dates of series returns – Credit (s): tvline

Some, in particular Charmed , will not come back from a hiatus but will start the broadcast of a new season, which we expect with more or less impatience. This is the case for season 5 of Riverdale which will finally reveal what will happen to Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead and the others after the time jump. For the rest of the series that are not on the list, we will have to continue to wait before knowing their return date. And to help you wait until then, you can take care by finding out

in which series of series you could spend the end of year celebrations.