The Walking Dead season 10: 3 times we almost forgave Negan for killing Glenn, Abraham and all the others


Negan is a terrible villain in The Walking Dead, but the writers tend to make us forget him.

While we were telling you there a little with which character Negan could form the best duo in the season of The Walking Dead , it is still on the ex-leader of the Saviors that we come back but to talk about less nice things. Yes, even years later, we have not forgotten the massacre perpetrated by Negan with his bat Lucille , massacre which ended in the death of Glenn and Abraham. And these latter are not the only ones who did not survive the (very) long war against the Saviors. Yet the writers of The Walking Dead managed to provide Negan with a development full of nuances, which makes you almost forget that it is a psychopathic murderer, like in those times.

When he heard of Carl's death

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We know that Negan has always been attached to Carl, the son of Rick Grimes. When the latter died and Negan found out, we had the right to a great performance by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who was able to show vulnerability on a face usually either harsh or mocking. What reminds us that he too has a heart, even if it is well hidden.

When he broke down in prison

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After losing the war, Negan was imprisoned in Alexandria until he became the shadow of itself. And it's in a pretty masterful scene that we really realize what Negan lives, when he begs Maggie to kill him so as not to no longer having to endure his confinement. A surprising moment of abandonment that forces empathy despite everything Negan was able to do when he was free.

When he saved Judith

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Close to Carl, Negan also quickly attached to his little sister, Judith. So much so that he did not hesitate to face the snowstorm that affected the survivors at the end of season 9 to start looking for the little one . An act that can be considered heroic which takes Negan a little further on the path of redemption. While waiting to know if this will continue in the season of The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has confirmed the fate of spin-off on Negan .

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