The Walking Dead season 10: AMC teases the return of old characters in the next episodes


The 6 bonus episodes of the season 05 Some tea The Walking Dead are going to be full of surprises.

After we are returned to the real reason Maggie left Hilltop after Rick disappeared in Season 9 of The Walking Dead , we are now interested in the future and the 6 episodes that will be broadcast from 28 February. AMC has unveiled a lot of new information on these episodes, some of which on the cast and on the characters who are about to join him . Because in addition to having specified that Robert Patrick, Hilarie Burton Morgan and Okea Eme-Akwari joined the series, the AMC press release suggested that it is, “among others”,

new faces that we will be able to see, thus implying that there will be more.

Maggie in the season 05 – Credit (s): amc

We can therefore expect the 6 additional episodes of the season 11 do either new characters appear, or bring back some. And it is especially the second possibility that we hope to see come true since it will be very pleasant to see old characters again one season from the end of the series. We already suspect that little Hershel, who is now 8 years old, could appear as well as Georgie, the one thanks to whom Maggie found a new community. But it's more cameos of characters who have disappeared that we would like to see, like Glenn, Carl or Beth. While waiting to know who it will be, we already know that

Daryl will be at the heart of a leap in the past right after Rick disappears in the new episodes of the season 00 from The Walking Dead .

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