The Walking Dead season 10: Can the new comedy in preparation save the franchise?


The Walking Dead franchise is ready to venture into new territories.

While we came back recently on a key scene from the comics about Negan's future that could be adapted with Carol rather than Rick in the season of The Walking Dead , today we are interested in the entire franchise. AMC has made a lot of announcements lately, and in addition to knowing that the season 11 which will end in 2021 will be the last season of the main series, we have learned that new spin-offs are in the works. One of them was described by Scott Gimple as “a humorous take on the zombie apocalypse” , and if the doubts are still there, we think when we think about it that it could be a good idea.

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Even if it is difficult to associate them, comedies and zombie movies go hand in hand, as we have already seen in Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland . If the series is written correctly, then it could be that the novelty of the franchise The Walking Dead does a lot of good for the brand which, inevitably, has run out of steam over the years. With a new tone, a different rhythm and inevitably lighter plots, a comedy The Walking Dead could not only refresh the franchise but also provide new entertainment that would be widely appreciated to distract yourself from the real world and what's going on there.

Steven Yeun, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira – Credit (s): amc

The Walking Dead has accustomed us to drama, a lot of drama, with a lot of deaths, characters who live through real tragedies and always difficult conditions. But she ventured to make a few touches of humor here and there, especially thanks to characters like Eugene, Ezekiel or Negan . And it is clear that in general, it works quite well. We therefore know that screenwriters can combine humor with drama and we hope that the result will convince us that the franchise still has something to surprise us. While waiting to find out, here is a little reminder on the 4308952 return of Daryl, Carol, Negan and the others in the season of The Walking Dead.

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