The Walking Dead season 10: Civil War, Rick becomes a zombie … The 3 best possible endings for the series


It's almost the end of The Walking Dead but how will the series bow out?

As we came back to the worst way to die in the season 10 from The Walking Dead not long ago, today it is the end of the series that we are going to talk about. Yes, the season 11 will be the last and it is currently unclear how the writers will close the stories of all the characters. However, we can already start to wonder what awaits us and today we are offering you 3 endings which, in our opinion, would be nice ways to see The Walking Dead to end.

A Civil War

Le Commonwealth

The Commonwealth – Credit (s): amc This may interest you : Harry Potter: This stunning detail in the first meeting between Harry and Snape that nobody noticed.

The Walking Dead

spent his time telling us: the real danger does not come from the zombies but from the survivors humans who do not hesitate to have extreme behaviors to live one more day. If the zombie threat ends up being eliminated, we can therefore imagine the end of the series showing a humanity on edge and ready to kill each other to rule over what's left of the world. An end certainly gloomy and pessimistic at will, but after the year that we have just passed it is not so unthinkable …

Rick turns into a zombie

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes – Credit (s): amc

If in the comics Rick Grimes does not survive until in the end, it looks like the show has chosen a different path. It's in a The Walking Dead movie whose release date could have It has been revealed that Rick Grimes will return, but we think the end of what is planned as a trilogy could be as tragic as the comics. After starting the adventure with Rick, it would seem logical that it is with him that the fans end it.

All series of the franchise come together

Daryl, Alicia and Felix – Credit (s): amc See the article : Spider-Man 3: will we learn that the parents of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) were agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?

It now seems clear that everything is linked in the universe The Walking Dead , and Scott Gimple intends to exploit the vein until the end. Since a lot of new series are in preparation, it is not with the season 10 of The Walking Dead

but with the final season of the final series to be produced that things will really end. On this occasion, it would be nice to make references to everything that the fans have known , to Fear The Walking Dead

and TWD: World Beyond as well as to other productions to really show the scope of the universe imagined by Robert Kirkman and provide fans with all the necessary answers before taking their leave .

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