The Walking Dead season 10: episode 22, Negan is a weakened and different man in these new photos


These photos from the season 10 of The Walking Dead prove that Negan has changed!

This is probably one of the most anticipated moments for fans of the franchise! And for good reason, Here’s Negan , the episode 10 scheduled for early May will immerse us in depth in the astonishing past of the sulphurous character. The Ultimate Story of the Season 10 of The Walking Dead which will also allow us to meet Lucille, Negan’s ex-wife . An enigmatic character who will be played by actress Hilarie Burton, also married in real life to Jeffrey Dean Morgan Negan’s interpreter. While waiting to learn the crisp details of the past of the former leader of the Saviors, AMC continues to raise the suspense. Indeed, the channel has just unveiled new unseen photos of the episode in question.

It’s on the official Twitter account of the series that all four photos have been shared. Surprising pictures that show how much Negan has changed since the start of the apocalypse. On the same subject : The Walking Dead, the movie: will Rick have one last unique opportunity to pay tribute to Carl? Indeed, if the latter made himself known by his brutality and his tyranny – to the point of becoming for a time one of the worst antagonists of the series -, the former leader of the Saviors is unrecognizable in the photos. The weakened air and the features rather soft and marked by fatigue, there is no doubt that the Negan of the past, married to Lucille will be very different from the one we know . You just have to see how the latter tries to track a zombie, simply equipped with a bathrobe, ski goggles and gardening gloves!

The last photo also gives a new glimpse of Lucille. A snapshot probably taken before the young woman declared her cancer since she is not wearing a wig, unlike what we saw in the last trailer of the season 10 from The Walking Dead . Finally, although excited by these announcements, fans couldn’t help but notice a funny detail in the very first photo of Negan sitting in an armchair . Indeed, if the latter appears to be on a drip, it also appears that his left arm is handcuffed to the seat . An intriguing element that has questioned a lot, fans of the franchise wondering why the latter could be hampered in this way. And you, do you have any idea?

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