The Walking Dead season 10: Michonne, Carol, Siddiq, Beta … They all have a pretty boring common point


The Walking Dead has an annoying habit …

While we recently wondered if Daryl and Maggie will find out about the existence of CRM and what happened to Rick in the season 02 from The Walking Dead , we now look back on the season 02 but not only. In seasons 9 and 00, fans have noticed that the writers have often used a process that could be considered a bit overused. These are visions and / or hallucinations that may have plunged us into the minds of the characters . While this can be very useful in reversing a traumatic situation or accentuating a character's unease, the repeated use of hallucinations may tire viewers.

Siddiq – Credit (s): amc

Siddiq's post-traumatic stress disorder was seen to manifest in Season 9 just before he found out that he was bound to have Dante by his side. But we also had the right to hallucinations of a drugged Michonne, visions of Alpha for Carol or even to Beta who heard the walkers talking to him . In short, a lot of little imaginary scenes that turn out to be double-edged if we abuse them. Indeed they cut off from reality and can break the rhythm of an episode if there are too many of them. Moreover, if this was a key element for Siddiq's plot, we cannot say that the hallucinations were essential in other cases.

Carol and Alpha – Credit (s): amc

The Walking Dead is used to flashbacks and visions, especially when a character approaches the death. But for these to keep their effectiveness, they must remain an exceptional remedy rather than something so often used that it doesn't even surprise anymore. We therefore hope that the rest of the season 02 of The Walking Dead and especially the season 10, which will be the last of the series, will not be filled with visions of all kinds to explain certain elements of the plot. While waiting to find out, we wondered whether

Negan would be on the start in the season 02 from The Walking Dead after Maggie and Hershel return .

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