The Walking Dead season 10: Negan on the departure after the return of Maggie and Hershel?


Maggie's return and Negan's special episode in the season from The Walking Dead indicate her future departure?

Shortly after pointing out a brilliant parallel between Lydia and Carol in the season of The Walking Dead , this time we are looking at another flagship character of the series: Negan . The former big bad and ex-leader of the Saviors is going to have an entire episode dedicated to his past in the next 6 bonus episodes, and that brings up some questions. Certainly, if AMC finally allows us to see Negan's origins and meet his wife Lucille, after whom he named his bat, it could also mean something noticeably less cool to his fans. Yep, it wouldn't be the first time that AMC has focused on a character before releasing him.

Daryl, Hershel and Maggie – Credit (s): amc

We wonder if the season 10 could be the last for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, or if he could at least be a slightly less present in the season 10. While that would surely enrage a lot of fans, there might already be a scripted explanation. Indeed Negan has changed a lot over the years and we discover, especially thanks to Judith and Lydia, a more endearing facet of the character . With the return of Maggie which will be followed by that of her son, Hershel, we imagine that Negan will quickly be confronted with his past and the horrible things he has done, like for example to Glenn and Abraham.

Maggie Rhee – Credit (s): amc

It would be legitimate for Negan to decide to move away a bit from Alexandria when Maggie and Hershel are settled there, in order not only to avoid imposing his presence on the son and wife of the man he savagely killed, but also to prevent himself from being constantly confronted with this facet of his personality . Even if it is hard to imagine the writers killing the cult character that is Negan, and even less after the departure of Rick and Michonne, we can still consider a less marked presence in part of the season 11. But this is obviously only speculation, and while waiting to see all that, 4290822 we already have thought of the perfect intro for the season 10 of The Walking Dead, ultimate from the Serie.