The Walking Dead season 10: Soon a very special episode focused on the life of a zombie?


The bonus episodes of the season 02 from The Walking Dead could have a surprise in store for us.

A few hours after revealing you this crucial detail about Carol that we all missed in the 10 seasons of The Walking Dead , today we are interested in future episodes and what they could hold for us. Indeed the executive producer and special effects specialist, Greg Nicotero , recently unveiled a rather original idea for an episode that he would like to realize. The series has already been told from multiple points of view thanks to its many characters, but the perspective of a being in particular has never been shown: that of a zombie . “I was thinking about it a little while ago, and I said to myself that it could be interesting to follow a zombie from the start in an episode “.

Soon a zombie hero? – Credit (s): amc

Greg Nicotero gave some details, proof that he has already thought about such an episode. “For example, the first scene would show a person being killed and being on the ground, then resuscitating himself by transforming into a zombie. And we would follow this zombie in the apocalyptic world to see the different encounters he would have “

. A unique point of view which could indeed bring a touch of originality to the series , although one wonders what kind of dialogue such an episode would offer. While waiting to know if Greg Nicotero will realize this idea,

a first glimpse of the 6 bonus episodes of the season 02 of The Walking Dead has been unveiled on video .