The Walking Dead season 10: star of the series predicts who will survive to the end


The season 10 of The Walking Dead will be the last, but which characters will always be there?

While we were announcing AMC has recently been working on a completely new series for The Walking Dead franchise , it is this time about the end of the main series that we will talk. We have known for some time that the season 10 will be the last, and now is the time to wonder who of Daryl, Carol, Magna, Gabriel, Eugene and everyone else will still be alive in the ultimate episode. On the occasion of a special Christmas reunion, actress Emily Kinney, who played Beth Greene until in season 5, gave his opinion on the matter during a little chat with Lauren Cohan, who plays Beth's sister, Maggie Rhee.

Beth and Maggie – Credit (s): amc

In the season 4, Beth tells Daryl that he will be the last survivor, and Emily Kinney apparently still agrees with her character. “I think it will surely be Norman (Reedus, who plays Daryl), or Norman and Melissa (McBride, who plays Carol). Oh! and Maggie too of course. If I was the one writing the end of the show, I would clearly pick Maggie as the leader of the new world. They beat the zombies, the apocalypse is over and Maggie is president “. A pretty nice ending which therefore predicts the trio Daryl, Carol and Maggie as the ultimate survivors . While waiting to know if this will really be the case, find out

the rather boring common point between Michonne, Carol, Siddiq and Beta in the season 02 of The Walking Dead and the rest of the series .

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