The Walking Dead season 10: the death of this character was one of the worst wastes of the series


The Walking Dead season 03

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Pending the rest of the season 03 Some tea Walking Dead, return to one of the most frustrating deaths.

So that recently Angela Kang made revelations about the season finale of the season 03 from The Walking Dead with Negan and Lucille , it's a little step back that we are offering you today 'hui. Over the seasons, The Walking Dead unfortunately had to get rid of lots of characters, some of whom we still miss today for various reasons. Among them is notably Andrea, who died in the last episode of season 3 . Played by Laurie Holden, Andrea made a lot of enemies – in characters and fans alike – during her time in Woodbury with the Governor.

Michonne and Andrea – Credit (s): amc To see also : Harry Potter: that connection between Luna Lovegood and Fantastic Beasts you never knew.

Andrea's plot indeed made it difficult to appreciate her character, yet with better writing from the writers, she could have been at the heart of an exciting story. If she hadn't died at the end of Season 3, Andrea could have benefited from a Redeeming Bow fascinating

who would have shown us how she would have redeemed herself with her friends, and how she would have succeeded herself to end up forgiving oneself. A story that would have played on his relationship with Michonne but not only, and which could have added yet another dimension to the Governor's entire intrigue.

Andrea (Laurie Holden) – Credit (s): amc

Even if Andrea was alive, the writers could have let Rick finish with Michonne since it would have surprised a little the fans of the comics who could have expected the couple Rick / Andrea. In any case, the possibilities for development would have been numerous and it is always a shame not to see the potential of a character to be fulfilled

, especially when the latter has been morally torn and is therefore doomed to a lot questioning … Fortunately there are still a lot of tortured characters in the series and while waiting for their return, you can just find out

here the separation of Daryl and Carol in the episode 100 of the season 10 from The Walking Dead .

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