The Walking Dead season 10: we know the real reason why Maggie left Hilltop after the disappearance of Rick


Maggie returned in the season 04 from The Walking Dead, but why was she gone?

recently revealed to you that Daryl is going to be at the heart of a leap in the past just after the disappearance of Rick in the new episodes of the season 04 from The Walking Dead , this time we come back to another character whose fate changed after this tragic event: Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) . The young woman left Hilltop and her friends in Alexandria with Hershel to join the community of Georgia, but what really pushed her to leave? This is mainly thanks to the little previews of the 6 bonus episodes, and in particular a scene from the episode 12 read by the cast on video, which 'we can finally have some answers.

Maggie is back – Credit (s): amc

In the scene, Maggie says to Daryl: “The truth is that I left the community because I didn't want Negan to take up any more space in my head, and I realized that I was not yet ready to bring back Hershel da ns all that. And the next day, we found Elijah and a whole group who needed us as much as they needed them, as if it was fate “. So it was because of Negan and the person he was forcing Maggie to become that she preferred. This scene also teaches us that Maggie's masked companion is called Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari)

. Since this character does not exist in the comics, the writers will be able to continue to surprise the viewers. while waiting to see what the rest has in store for him, just discover here the

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