The Walking Dead season 10: why the relationship between Daryl and SPOILER could ruin a big asset of the series


The rest of the season 05 from The Walking Dead could be the source of an important revelation about Daryl.

While we were wondering recently if Negan will be killed by Maggie as Robert Kirkman had planned in the season 02 from The Walking Dead , it’s today at Daryl Dixon we’re interested. Beware of potential big spoilers in the sequel since it is on possible important leaks of the scenario of the next episodes that we will be based. According to the details which would have been leaked on the 6 bonus episodes of the season 05, we are going to meet Leah soon – which you see below – an isolated survivor Daryl is said to have met during the years he spent living alone in the forest.


Leah – Credit (s) : amc Read also : Marvel Studios: MCU accused of recycling its actors for Phase 4?

The same spoilers state that Daryl and Leah are going to sleep and live together for a while, and it’s only Leah’s disappearance that will cause Daryl to join his group in Alexandria. If this is what happens during the episode focused on Daryl and Carol, and if Daryl tells this story to Carol, we already know that we will regret a detail about Daryl that could have been important on the representation side. . Indeed before he seemed to get closer to Connie and despite his close relationship with Carol, Daryl was often considered as being asexual and / or aromantic by some fans

. This means he was not interested in either having sex or having a romantic relationship with someone.
Daryl and Dog – Credit (s): amc

Asexual characters are very rare on television, and Norman Reedus himself having said one day that this is how he imagined Daryl it is a shame to know that this might not be the case. Although he had not been officially declared asexual, Daryl never having had a love interest throughout the seasons of The Walking Dead , it was possible for asexual people to identify with him. If spoilers are true and he finds himself dating Leah during the time jump, that portrayal will disappear. While waiting to know if this is what will happen,

Melissa McBride teased what awaits Carol in the sequel of the season 10 from The Walking Dead .

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