The Walking Dead season 10: will Judith intervene in favor of Negan with Maggie?


Maggie's comeback in the season 08 of The Walking Dead will lead to changes within the band.

A few hours after you revealed a first video preview of the 6 bonus episodes of the season 08 from The Walking Dead , room for speculation this time and what awaits us on the side of Maggie Rhee. Now that Lauren Cohan is back, the group's dynamic on the show is likely to change, and not necessarily for the better. Indeed we already know that the episode 12 entitled “Home Sweet Home” – which will be broadcast at the beginning of the year on OCS – will show Carol explain to Maggie and the others why she released Negan

, and that could complicate the relationship between Maggie and Carol. On the same subject : How can I stream live TV? Yet we wonder if a character could not make Maggie listen to reason.

Judith et Maggie
Judith and Maggie – Credit (s): amc

As we saw during their reunion, Maggie and Judith have much affection for each other despite the short time they have spent together. Like Daryl or Carol, Maggie is part of Judith's “family”. And since we know how much Judith cared for Negan – and vice versa – little Grimes might be able to soften Maggie's anger towards her old nemesis. Indeed Judith has already been rescued by Negan and the benevolence of the former savior towards Rick's daughter could show Maggie that he has clearly changed since his departure.

Judith et Negan Judith et Negan
Judith and Negan – Credit (s): amc

Where Carol will no doubt explain the rational reasons why she released Negan, Judith will use more emotional arguments, which could work in Negan's favor with Maggie. The latter saw it completely destroyed just before leaving Alexandria and its community, so she could get to believe that it is another man who has rebuilt himself

. In any case, the exchanges between Maggie and the rest of the group promise to be as fascinating as they are tense and we can not wait to see it all. Until then,

Lauren Cohan has already revealed what she can't wait to see between Maggie and Negan in the season 08 from The Walking Dead .

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