The Walking Dead season 10, World Beyond, FTWD … This is the real timeline of The Walking Dead universe


The universe of The Walking Dead is vast but here's how to navigate.

After we wonder if the flashbacks in the episode on Negan of the season 10 from The Walking Dead will bring back this very particular character , this time we look at the more global chronology of the series. Between the webseries, the main series and its 2 spin-offs, it is not always easy to find your way around time

and to know what happened when. Indeed, the universe is common to all the series, but the many jumps in time do not facilitate understanding. On the same subject : Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman … How old are the heroes of the Arrowverse? To see it a little clearer, an Internet user has built a detailed timeline.

TWD Timeline – Credit (s): amc, 21 _ Enigma _ 21

As you can see below above, the color code allows you to find your way around and see that indeed, all the series of the franchise are really tangled from a chronological point of view

. For the moment, it's with the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead the universe was born, and this is the episode 13 of the season 06 of The Walking Dead which is the most recent. The season 10 takes place almost at the same time as the first season of TWD: World Beyond, but according to the wiki TWD the main series is a few days early. It remains to be seen whether this will always be the case when the

Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond will air .

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