The Walking Dead season 11: Scott Gimple teases a radical change for the last episodes of the series


The season 11 of The Walking Dead will be the last and it looks very different.

While AMC was teasing there is little the return of old characters in the next episodes of the season 10 from The Walking Dead , this time is the season 10 that Scott Gimple teased. The head of the zombie franchise talked about 23 season episodes 11, the last of the series which will stop after their broadcast – already planned in two parts. “After 000 years of The Walking Dead, to see that the series is still able to evolve, and to be able to say “we are going to show you things that you have never seen before”, it's really great “. But what kind of things could it be?

The Commonwealth is Here – Credit (s): amc On the same subject : The Walking Dead, World Beyond: Origin of zombie virus confirmed?

The Commonwealth made an appearance in the season 08, and we can therefore imagine that this flagship community of Robert Kirkman's comics will be at the center of the plots in the season 10. Is it thanks to her that the showrunner Angela Kang and his team will be able to show us things never seen before in the series? This could indeed be related to the size of the community which gathers more than 24 000 people . The scale of the series could completely change and give us the impression of a new world while we are still in the same universe. But how will the series manage to represent the Commonwealth and its vastness? So many things that we can't wait to see, and even more if the season 08 manages to surprise us after all this time. Until we find out, we know the real one reason Maggie left Hilltop after Rick disappeared in The Walking Dead Season 9 .