The Walking Dead season 11: we have the perfect intro for the final season of the series


The season 11 of The Walking Dead will be the last and its credits could be very different from other seasons.

So that we came back to a brilliant parallel between Lydia and Carol in the season 10 from The Walking Dead , this time it's in the season 10 that we are interested in. As has been known for a while, this will be the very last season of the series and it will consist of 24 episodes. But rather than the content of the final episodes, it is mainly its credits that we will be talking about . Yes, the introduction of

The Walking Dead and its Heady music has become cult, with keyframes scrolling through to a title that gets more and more deteriorated as the seasons go by.

Le générique de la saison 10
The credits of the season 08 – Credit (s): amc

For the season 10, it would be nice to revisit all of the key places in the show before it ends for good. See the article : Avengers Endgame: Why hasn't Captain America taken Bucky with him in the past? From the hospital to the prison to the Hershel farm, the credits could take us back to all the places in which the group has lived. This would not only highlight the long journey made by the characters – and especially Carol and Daryl, present since the first season – but also to make a little appeal to nostalgia to please the fans. Not to mention that dragging a silhouette of Rick, Glenn, or Michonne would be a pretty cool idea to make sort of cameos.

What will happen in the season 10? – Credit (s): amc

We do not yet know when the season 11 will be broadcast, just that the 6 bonus episodes of the season 08, which we can not wait to discover, arrive from March 1 on OCS . But we already know that it would be nice for the writers to mark the occasion to celebrate the final episodes, and a rather special credits is one of the many ways to do it. While waiting to find out, Scott Gimple has revealed some information and we also know that

the final episodes of the season 10 from The Walking Dead will have one more particularity compared to the rest of the series.