The Walking Dead, the movie: will Rick have one last unique opportunity to pay tribute to Carl?


A particular plot could bring back Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead movies.

While we returned a moment ago to the possibility that the adventures of Rick Grimes in the movie The Walking Dead are rated Rated-R , it is on a much more tender subject than we are interests today: the relationship between Rick and his son Carl . Fans of the franchise know that Carl Grimes died in season 8, and despite a sometimes difficult character he still managed to move fans before his final departure. Now that Rick has also left the show but to return to the movies, one wonders if there isn’t a nice way for the former sheriff to pay homage to his son.

Rick and Carl – Credit (s): amc

If we imagine that Michonne, who left during the season 04 of The Walking Dead , will eventually join Rick and will be followed by their children Judith and RJ, we could see them undertake a great family trip in the films. In the series, Carl dreams of seeing the Grand Canyon, not having been able to get there when he was there with his parents Lori and Rick. It would therefore be nice and touching to see Rick, Michonne, Judith and RJ go to the Grand Canyon and leave a memory there of Carl

which they kept with them so that the films could also pay homage to this member of the Grimes family .

Carl and Judith – Credit (s): amc

Judith could leave Rick’s sheriff’s hat there, which Carl wore for many years before bequeathing it to his little sister. As well as being an object very attached to Carl, the sheriff’s hat is also the symbol of the series, which began with Rick. Depositing it would be a nice way to end the movie (s) The Walking Dead and thus close the story of the Grimes and that of everyone they have met over the years. Even if the franchise could continue for a few more years, a page would be turned and we hope, if it is not the Grand Canyon or the hat, that Carl will be mentioned in the movies anyway. While waiting to find out, find out

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