The Walking Dead, World Beyond: Episodes 9 and 10, Hope facing his destiny, our verdict of the final season


The last 2 episodes of The Walking Dead: World Beyond are available on Amazon Prime Video and here is our verdict.

After a few weeks of broadcasting that There it is, the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond recently ended on Prime Video with the broadcast of the last 2 episodes entitled “The Deepest Cut” and “In This Life “. After an interesting but a little slow first part of the season, we can feel the pace pick up as the end approaches and it is a pity that the series has not been able to keep a constant progress in all the episodes. Because it is in this final double season that the real stakes are revealed and that the plot progresses, only we remains on our hunger since we will have to wait for season 2 to know the rest.

Hope in episode 9 – Credit (s): amc

We at least know why Huck was sent to infiltrate the Campus community and spy on the Bennett sisters on behalf of the Civil Republic. However, the reason why Elizabeth Kublek sought at all costs to kidnap Hope and reunite her with her father remains light compared to the drama provoked in the episodes. The intellectual capacities of the young girl are apparently rare enough for the CRM to mobilize in order to recruit her so that she may, with – and for – them, rebuild a better world. The intentions are therefore good but we know enough about the franchise The Walking Dead to know that certain characters have done the worst things despite commendable motivations.

Huck and Iris – Credit (s): amc

There remains the question of how how the CRM knew that Hope's intelligence was above normal since it was apparently while talking with the doctor Belshaw Leo Bennett reveals everything . Only it's been a long time since Huck was sent to Campus to be closer to the girl, so how did they already know? It is assumed that season 2 will come to explain all of this, and perhaps we will learn that Hope's intelligence is just a pretext and that Elizabeth did not tell her daughter everything. The latter could also decide to rebel when she learns what happened to the Campus community …

Iris – Credit (s): amc

In the end it is therefore an interesting series that 'we could discover on Prime Video, but so planned that it suffered from a big problem with the rhythm. The writers already know that The Walking Dead: World Beyond will be limited to 2 seasons and the series comes mainly to play an informative role while waiting for the films on Rick Grimes. The fact that she has an objective and a duration already fixed in advance did not work in her favor and we can only hope that season 2 will rectify the situation. It will at least have allowed us to learn a lot more about CRM and to make new links in the universe 4282514 The Walking Dead but we don't change our mind, this is the only spin-off we really want to see .