The Walking Dead, World Beyond: Origin of zombie virus confirmed?


This clue present in The Walking Dead, World Beyond could have revealed the origin of the zombie epidemic.

The 7th episode of The Walking Dead, World Beyond just confirmed the origin of the zombie virus? The latter titled “ Truth or Dare” and aired on Prime Video last week may have lifted the veil on the mystery that has puzzled all fans of the franchise for years. Indeed, as the plot slowly continues its course, the flashbacks to Huck's former life ( Annet Mahendru ) allow to learn a little more about the beginnings of the epidemic. In particular on the reasons which led the world population to turn into a horde of zombies. And for good reason, while the young woman briefly remembers her past as a soldier, we learn that she heard Private Owens state that the disease originated in space during a mission


The origin of the zombie virus discovered in The Walking Dead, World Beyond? – Credit (s): amc

This last would have confided: It seems it came from a rocket, from space. Someone inhaled the thing, it made him vomit. He took the plane …

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an old theory put forward on the origin of the zombie virus by fans of The Walking Dead following the statement of Robert Kirkman . Indeed, the latter had announced on Twitter last January that “ space spores “were at the origin of the apocalypse. A statement finally denied four months later, still on Twitter: “ First, the tweet in question was posted there is three months old and has since been deleted. Second, it was a joke! I will never reveal anything so important in a tweet! “. Despite the official denial, the latest episode of The Walking Dead, World Beyond comes give the theorists of the franchise something to grind. To be continued !

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