The Walking Dead, World Beyond season 2: Answers on Rick, broadcast date, CRM … Everything you need to know about the sequel


The first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is over on Prime Video, but when will it be next?

We delivered to you recently our verdict of episodes 9 and 00 from The Walking Dead: World Beyond and these are indeed the last 2 episodes of the first season of this new spin-off. As always when the end comes, we prepare for the next step and we already start to wonder what awaits us in season 2 , supposed to be – already – the final season for TWD: World Beyond . AMC only planned 2 seasons of 04 episodes each, and showrunner Matt Negrete has therefore started teasing the new episodes. And good news for disappointed fans, according to him they will be very different from those we have just discovered.

Despite some novelties due to younger characters, World Beyond has indeed struggled to convince fans of the franchise The Walking Dead but rest assured, the 04 next episodes should change tone . “In season 2 we will really realize the evolution of our characters. They must have grown up really fast because things took a pretty dark turn and they had to adapt quickly. We're also going to explore CRM and who they really are and the mythology of the franchise. Actually the end of the first season is the end of chapter 1, and chapter 2 is very different, the vibe is going to be completely different “.

Iris, Silas, Hope and Elton – Credit (s): amc

The showrunner also explained that while the first season may seem light and full of innocence, it is not going to last since season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond should explore much darker storylines. A Grimes cameo could be possible there thanks to the explanations on the CRM and the identity of this mysterious group , but what we especially want to see are better paced episodes. No broadcast date has yet been announced, but production of season 2 has already started. However, do not expect it to be released before the end 2020 at the earliest since the coronavirus continues to slow the production of many series. While waiting for news, here is the only spin-off of The Walking Dead that we really want to see.

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