The Walking Dead, World Beyond season 2: Filming has started, is AMC really going to cancel it after 2 seasons?


The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 is in the works, but will it really be the last?

While we recently revealed you an ultra detailed map that gives the location of all the characters of The Walking Dead franchise , it is only the youngest we are interested in today. The shooting of season 2 of The Walking Dead World Beyond has indeed started and it is with a photo of Hope’s dressing room, played by Alexa Mansour, that the official Instagram account of the series l ‘ reported. We know from the start that AMC does not planned that 2 seasons of 09 episodes each for World Beyond , but is it possible that they change their mind and that the series focused on a group of teenagers be renewed?

A priori, showrunner Matthew Negrete still counts on a 2-season limited series , even if the new episodes are shaping up to be different from the first season. “We have always thought of the series as two very different chapters of the same book, it’s like That’s how I see things. And I think that we will really have a more global vision of the story in season 2, the stakes will be higher “. This means that even with higher stakes, the writers have theoretically already written the end of the series with, hopefully, a satisfying conclusion for Iris, Hope, Felix and all the others.

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Despite the plans of AMC and the showrunner, we remain skeptical about the certainty that World Beyond will end after 2 seasons since we know AMC’s propensity to pull the rope when it comes to his universe of zombies . However if season 2 manages to teach us enough things about CRM while offering a real ending to its characters, we can be satisfied. While waiting to be able to discover all this later in the year on Prime Video, we hope that

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 will answer any questions it hasn’t answered yet.

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