The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video: The series renewed for a season 2


All episodes of The Wilds are available on Amazon Prime Video and good news, Leah, Toni, Shelby and the others will be back for a season 2!

A few days after we tried to explain what really happened on the island in The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video , we talks again about the little news of the streaming service and its possible sequel. Amazon Prime Video has indeed announced the renewal of The Wilds for a season 2 and that's good because we already know that on the production side, the ideas are there. Watch out for spoilers on the end of the first season in what will follow. Yes, those who have finished the last episode know it: many plots have been set up for a possible season 2.

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Whether the project Twilight of Adam, what will happen to Shelby or where are the survivors we did not see in questioning, the questions are always very numerous. Not to mention the famous “phase 2” and the possibility that the whole group is still in the middle of the experience , but in a another even more twisted decor. With all this, in other words, Amazon Prime Video's decision is timely since it means that all our questions will fortunately not remain unanswered. And we're not the only ones to be delighted, as showrunner Amy B. Harris said before knowing the good news.

“I think we gave viewers a great cliffhanger and hopefully some authentic characters that they want to get involved in. So we really hope to have a second season, but it's is up to the gods of streaming to decide “. And let's be reassured, the showrunner and her team already have a plan for the future , so there is no more only to be patient so that I can see Leah, Gretchen, Nora, Shelby and all the others again and know what awaits them. While waiting for more news from season 2, our verdict of The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video is always available right here.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video, Collider 4297099

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