The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video: What Really Happened on the Island? We explain the end


Back on the mysterious ending of The Wilds which has just landed on Amazon Prime Video.

First of all, watch out for spoilers! We gave you not long ago our verdict of The Wilds, a success with the tunes of Lost on Amazon Prime Video , and it's the very end of the season that we're going to talk about here. Those and those who have not yet watched all the episodes go their way if they do not want to be spoiled. Because it is with a big cliffhanger that the series ends , and we can already start wondering about it while waiting to know if

Prime Video will renew the series for a season 2. As a reminder in the last episode, Leah takes advantage of an allergic reaction from Shelby to escape from her room and comes across a surveillance room that shows him the “Twilight of Adam” project.

The Wilds is available – Credit (s): prime video

So we know that Dawn of Eve is only a part of the study and that Gretchen does not intend to stop there. It also means that the place where the girls are held in quarantine could also be part of the study and be the infamous “phase 2” that Gretchen is talking about. Anyway Leah was right from the start, but something tells us that Shelby is talking about something else thing in the little note she gives to Leah, which means the revelations are far from over . Yet the girls are no longer on the beach, even though the last thing we saw was Rachel's attack by a shark.

Toni, Dot, Shelby, Fatin, Leah, Rachel, Martha and Nora – Credit (s): prime video

You can imagine that was when Rachel had one hand amputated and lost a toe. It is possible that it was after this accident that the group was repatriated, but one wonders if other survivors were not injured during the attack. Indeed the way Gretchen and Dean talk about Martha suggests that the girl might not have survived the experience. And Nora hasn't had any interrogation scenes either, which means she may have died saving her sister … a season 2, we also delivered

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