The Wilds season 2: Deaths of SPOILERS, Twilight of Adam, Leah's future … The showrunner answers all the questions we ask ourselves


Finally some answers on season 2 of The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video.

While we recently announced that season 2 of The Wilds has been officially ordered by Prime Video , it is now time to look at what we can expect from the next episodes. Yes, the final season left a lot of questions unanswered but executive producer Amy B. Harris has already given some answers while waiting for a broadcast date. Beware of the big spoilers on the end of season 1 in what will follow . The first thing to know is that the big twist of the last episode was not planned at all. In the latter, Leah manages to escape from her room and comes across a surveillance system on which she discovers the Twilight of Adam project.

Tea Wilds – Credit (s): amazon prime video

Like the Dawn of Eve project she was part of, for Twilight of Adam it's a group of young men who find themselves on a desert island, forced to work together to survive. “What we decided to do for the cliffhanger of the final season was not planned when we imagined the series It was the creatives from Amazon who told us they wanted 'we find a big twist “. Mission accomplished, especially since it is far from being the only turnaround in the series . And the idea that she had with the creator of the series, Sarah Streicher, has the advantage of having opened up a whole field of possibilities for them for the future.

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“Finding this twist motivated us even more, because it gave us plenty intrigue to explore. That's the beauty of television. You always have to know where you're going when building the universe of a series, but above all you have to remain open to improvisation and the possibility that even more fascinating idea falls on us “. As for the fans who dread seeing season 2 of The Wilds too focused on the Twilight of Adam group rather than the female characters, no worries. “As you have seen, some survivors did not go through questioning, so it will be necessary to 'we find out why. We are still going to explore the stories that happened on the island to find out where the missing are “

. While waiting for these next episodes, we explained to you what really happened on The Island of The Wilds.

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