The Witcher season 2: Who is Renfri and what is his connection with Geralt de Riv?


From the first episodes of The Witcher, Geralt had to face Renfri. Does he have a particular connection with this cursed witch?

Renfri and the Witcher, linked for life even after death? When Geralt met her, the witch Renfri immediately told him that “her fate was in the forest” . Curious and surprised by this statement, the Witcher has long sought to understand what this sentence could mean. Unfortunately, he couldn't get further explanation from her as he killed her in a fight. However, before leaving, Geralt de Riv grabbed Renki's brooch, which he decided to put on the handle of his sword, linking their destinies forever in The Witcher . If Henry Cavill confirmed this connection between the two characters, the original novels allow us to better understand what unites them.

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In the books, Renfri was a cursed princess born during the Black Sun: her birth as well as those of sixty other girls were the subject of a prophecy that would end human civilization. Her stepmother Aridea learned from a mirror that she would try to kill her (we are on a dark remake of Snow White) and hired then Stregobor to investigate the girl. Seeing that she was hurting other living beings, the villainous Aridea entrusted a man with the mission of wresting Renfri's heart and faith, but instead he raped and robbed the cursed teenager. To shorten her suffering, the witch then decided to kill this thug with the famous brooch recovered by Geralt. If the latter can therefore be grateful to her for guiding him to Ciri, this prop also reminds him “that he shouldn't get involved in men's affairs, because they always end in his own suffering “. “And Renfri's brooch, every time he draws his blade, reminds him that despite all his good will to do good, it doesn't matter: evil may be in ambush” , confided Henry Cavill during 'a video posted on News On Netflix . Clearly, the memory of Renfri allows him to always stay on his guard and to remember that between good and evil, the border is very thin. If we would have liked Renfri's story to be further developed in The Witcher , season 2 could explore Geralt's handicap!

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